A Guide to Choosing the Best Wake Surfing Boards

wake surfing boards

Wake surfing captures the hearts of water sports enthusiasts across the USA. It combines the thrill of surfing with the convenience of being towed by a boat. Selecting the proper wake surfing board is crucial to maximizing enjoyment and performance. This guide provides insights into choosing the perfect wake surfing board, highlights some of the best brands, and discusses the most popular boards in the USA.

How to Choose the Right Wake Surfing Board

Understand the Wakesurf Board Types

There are two main types of wake surfing boards: skim and surf. Skimboards are typically shorter and have less volume, offering more agility for tricks and spins. Surf-style boards are thicker and longer, providing excellent stability and a smoother ride for beginners or those looking to carve big waves.

Consider Your Skill Level

  • Beginners: You should opt for a more giant, buoyant surf-style board to help balance and wave catching.
  • Intermediate to Advanced: I prefer a skimboard for more aggressive turns and tricks.

Board Size and Volume

Your weight and the boat’s wake size are critical factors in determining the board size you should choose. Heavier riders or those riding behind a boat with a smaller wake will benefit from a board with more volume and surface area.

Materials and Construction

Common materials for wake surfing boards include fiberglass, carbon fiber, and foam. Each offers different levels of durability, weight, and performance characteristics. Fiberglass is most common, providing a good balance between cost and performance.

Best Brands for Wake Surfing Boards


Ronix is renowned for its high-quality construction and innovative designs. The Ronix Thruster is particularly popular. It is famous for its excellent agility and control, making it a favorite among both beginners and pros.


Known for durability and performance, Hyperlite offers boards like the Hyperlite Broadcast, which are designed for all skill levels and provide a stable ride.

Liquid Force

Liquid Force excels in both skim and surf-style boards. The Liquid Force Pod is a top choice for those seeking a lightweight yet responsive board for advanced tricks.

Phase Five

Phase Five is highly regarded in the Wake Surf community, specializing in skim-style boards. Their Diamond model is prevalent for its speed and maneuverability.

Liquid Force wakesurf boards

Most Popular Wakesurf Boards in the USA

Ronix Thruster

As noted, this board combines agility with user-friendly features, making it a staple at many lakes and rivers.

Hyperlite Broadcast

Its versatility and durability make it a nationwide go-to board for families and rental fleets.

Liquid Force Pod

The Pod’s advanced design satisfies those looking to advance their skills.

Phase Five Diamond

Favored by competitive wake surfers, this board is a testament to Phase Five’s commitment to quality and performance.


Choosing the proper wake surfing board involves considering your skill level, the type of wave you’ll be riding, and what you want out of the sport. Brands like Ronix, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, and Phase Five offer options that cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your skills, the perfect wake surfing board is out there to enhance your experience on the water. Remember, the best board is the one that fits your riding style and helps you enjoy every wave to the fullest.

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