Playtime Redefined: The Futuristic Magic of AR Toys, Featuring LEGO

AR toys lego hidden side

Experience the future of playtime with AR toys featuring the timeless LEGO blocks. With the power of augmented reality, transform your child’s playtime into a magical and educational experience.

Immerse your little ones in a world of limitless possibilities. They can build and interact with their creations like never before. Discover AR toys’ innovative and exciting world now, with the LEGO brand leading the way. 

Get ready to redefine playtime and unlock your child’s imagination with the futuristic magic of AR toys. In children’s play, augmented reality (AR) toys have emerged as a new frontier, blending the physical and digital realms.

One standout player in this field is LEGO, a brand that has brought joy to generations. In this exploration, we delve into the realm of AR toys, focusing on LEGO’s use of augmented reality to elevate the playtime experience for children.

What is Augmented Reality in Toys?

Augmented reality in toys involves blending digital elements with the real-world play environment. AR technology enhances the traditional toy experience by overlaying computer-generated images, sounds, or information onto the physical world. It’s creating an immersive and interactive playtime adventure.

LEGO Hidden Side Sets

LEGO, known for its timeless building bricks, has ventured into AR with its Hidden Side sets. These sets weave physical LEGO construction with an engaging digital storyline. Each Hidden Side set features a haunted theme, inviting children to build structures and then use a dedicated app to explore and interact with the haunted world they’ve created.

How LEGO Hidden Side Works

A Magical Fusion: The LEGO Hidden Side experience begins with the construction of a physical LEGO set – a haunted house, graveyard, or other spooky scenes. 

Once the construction is complete, the free LEGO Hidden Side app comes into play. By scanning the built structure with a smartphone or tablet camera, the app brings the LEGO creation to life, revealing hidden mysteries, ghosts, and interactive elements that exist solely in the digital realm.

Interactive Play and Storytelling

Unleashing Creativity: The beauty of LEGO Hidden Side lies in its ability to transform a static LEGO creation into a dynamic, living world. Through the app, children can explore their LEGO-built haunted scenes, solve puzzles, catch ghosts, and unravel the mysteries of the Hidden Side. 

This approach enhances playtime and encourages creativity, problem-solving, and collaborative storytelling among young builders.

Educational Benefits of AR in LEGO Play

Beyond the thrill of ghost-catching adventures, LEGO Hidden Side offers educational benefits. The integration of AR technology encourages children to think critically, engage in imaginative play, and develop digital literacy skills. The marriage of physical and digital play enhances the learning experience, making it both entertaining and enriching.

The Future of AR Toys

A Glimpse Beyond LEGO: LEGO Hidden Side sets are just the beginning of the AR toy revolution. The success of such innovations shows the potential for AR to transform the entire toy industry. As technology advances, we can anticipate even more captivating and educational AR toys that will redefine playtime possibilities for children.


LEGO’s use of augmented reality with the Hidden Side sets exemplifies the seamless integration of technology into the timeless joy of building and playing. AR toys continue to captivate the imagination of young minds. The future promises a delightful blend of physical and digital experiences shaping how children play and learn. 

LEGO’s commitment to innovation showcases how playtime can evolve. It’s offering a magical bridge between the tangible and the virtual, where creativity knows no bounds.

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