Best Cashback Apps in the USA: A 2024 Guide to Saving Big on Everyday Purchases

best cashback apps

In the labyrinth of modern financial survival, where inflation gnaws at the fabric of our budgets like a relentless moth, the quest for the most efficient cash-back apps in the USA has become not just a pursuit but a necessity. These digital alchemists, promising to transmute our mundane purchases into gold—or at least into a few dollars saved—merit a closer inspection. Here, we dissect the titans of the cash-back app world, revealing their luster and lack.

What Are Cashback Apps?

Cashback apps are mobile or web-based applications that offer consumers a portion of their spending back when they make purchases through the app. These apps have partnerships with various retailers and online stores. Which enables users to earn back a percentage of their expenditures as cashback. This concept not only benefits consumers by saving money but also helps retailers attract and retain customers.

The Pantheon of Cash-Back Apps


It is a versatile tool available as both a mobile application and a browser extension, allowing users to collect cash back on a wide range of purchases, including groceries, travel, and online shopping. To get started, simply download the app or install the browser extension, and then set up your account on either your mobile device or computer.

Users of Ibotta typically see earnings between $10 to $20 monthly, while highly active individuals might rake in up to $300 each month, based on insights from a Select review. Once your cash-back balance hits $20, you have the option to transfer your funds to your PayPal or bank account or exchange them for gift cards.

To maximize your earnings with Ibotta, remember to add offers you’re interested into your account before shopping. This can be done with a few taps on the offers you wish to claim. Post-purchase, simply hit “Redeem” on the Ibotta app’s main screen, choose your retailer, and upload a snapshot of your receipt to verify your purchases.


Honey is a browser extension designed to streamline your savings by searching for and applying promo or coupon codes at checkout, eliminating the need for you to manually find and enter them. This tool automatically tries out coupon codes across more than 30,000 websites, ensuring you get all the potential savings.

Utilizing coupons and discounts found by Honey can significantly reduce the cost of your online purchases, making necessary items more budget-friendly. Honey offers its services for free and is available both as an application and a browser extension compatible with major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Firefox.

Through the Honey app, users can browse top coupons to spot the most advantageous deals and earn Honey rewards on transactions with specific retailers. When shopping on a retailer’s site via the app, a toolbar will appear at the bottom of your screen, displaying any relevant promo codes to ensure you get the best possible price.

Rakuten offers

A straightforward method to collect cash back on both online and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. To qualify for cash back, your shopping destination must be among the numerous retailers affiliated with Rakuten’s network. While exploring their extensive list of partners is an option, utilizing the Rakuten browser extension enhances the experience by alerting you to cash-back opportunities directly on a retailer’s webpage.

Setting up an account is a breeze; simply register using an email address and create a password on the Rakuten site. After signing up, downloading the browser extension is a smart move for effortlessly activating cash-back deals during online checkouts.

Cash back rewards are paid out quarterly, and you can receive payments via PayPal or a check mailed to your home. The platform allows you to track your cash-back earnings history and informs you of the upcoming payment date.

For newcomers, Rakuten offers a welcoming incentive of $10, and joining is free of charge. Additionally, for every friend who signs up through your referral link and makes a purchase, you’ll be rewarded with $30, further boosting your earning potential.

cashback apps


It is a cash-back app compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices, offering access to a wide array of hotels, retail stores, and restaurants participating in its cash-back program. By simply downloading Dosh, registering, and linking your credit cards, the app automatically searches your transactions for eligible cash-back opportunities.

A distinctive advantage of Dosh is its instant cash-back feature for in-store purchases, allowing users to receive their rewards immediately at the point of sale, eliminating the need to wait for a designated payout day.

Additionally, Dosh welcomes new users with a $1 bonus upon successful registration and card linkage. Plus, for every friend you refer to the app, you earn an extra $10, further enhancing your cash-back earning potential.


Provides a cash-back service for both online and physical store transactions. To benefit from cash back on in-store purchases, users must link a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit or debit card to their account.

Users are required to accumulate at least $10 before they can withdraw their earnings. In contrast to Rakuten, to qualify for cash back with Payce, shoppers must initiate their shopping through the Payce website by clicking on a retailer’s link.

Payce showcases available cash-back bonus offers from well-known retailers such as Home Depot and CVS, with a typical offer providing $5 back on purchases of approximately $20 to $25 or more. It’s important to note, however, that purchases of gift cards are not eligible for cashback under these terms.

Dineout, Nearbuy, CRED, Paytm, Freecharge, MobiKwik, Google Pay, and PhonePe each enter the fray with their unique value propositions, from dining out to utility payments.

However, the fragmentation of benefits across so many platforms can leave users feeling like a jack of all trades but a master of none, diluting the potential savings amidst a sea of apps.

Beyond the App: The Cash-Back Credit Card

The quest for savings doesn’t end in the digital realm. The cash-back credit card stands as a testament to traditional financial instruments adapting to the modern age. With each swipe, a percentage of your expenditure is rebated, a straightforward and often more lucrative avenue for savings. Yet, this path is fraught with its perils—interest rates and the temptation to overspend lurk in the shadows, waiting to snatch away the fruits of your cash-back labor.


As we navigate the tempestuous seas of inflation and financial uncertainty, the arsenal of cash-back apps and credit cards offers a beacon of hope. However, it is paramount that we, as consumers, remain vigilant, discerning the true value of the glittering promises. For in the realm of personal finance, as in all quests, it is not just about the treasure at the end but the wisdom gained through the journey.

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