Garmin Forerunner Update: New Features and Bug Fixes

garmnin forerunner update

Garmin recently unveiled an important update for its popular Forerunner series, focusing on the Forerunner 255 smartwatch. This update is now accessible through Garmin’s stable software distribution channels. It aims to enhance user experience by introducing new features and fixing several bugs identified in earlier versions.

A Seamless Transition to Improved Functionality

In preparation for this update, Garmin actively tested and refined its software. This was evident from the release of a new beta update for the Forerunner 255 and the launch of the Forerunner 165. The upgrade from Beta Version 18.15 to the currently available Software Version 18.22 highlights Garmin’s commitment to a seamless and enhanced wearable experience. The shift from Software Version 17.26 to 18.22 marks significant progress in the Forerunner 255’s functionality and reliability. Garmin has announced that 50% of the rollout for Software Version 18.22 is complete. Users can download the update through Garmin Express or the Garmin Connect Mobile app as it becomes available.

Garmin Forerunner® 255

$349.99 $249.99

GPS Running Smartwatch, Advanced Insights, Long-Lasting Battery. More colors are available.

03/19/2024 10:05 am GMT

What’s New in the Garmin Forerunner Update?

The latest update brings forth twenty changes aimed at boosting the performance of all Forerunner 255 smartwatches with stable software builds. Garmin’s dedication to fixing bugs is apparent, with eleven specific bug fixes included in Software Version 18.22. These corrections are crucial for enhancing device stability and performance, ensuring users enjoy a smooth experience during their fitness activities.

Moreover, Garmin introduced four new features to improve user interaction with their device. A standout feature is the Sleep Coach glance mode, designed to offer insights and suggestions for better sleep quality—a vital aspect of overall health and fitness. Another significant addition is the ability to undo a recorded lap, providing users more control over their workout data and enabling more precise tracking of their performance.

What Are Garmin Users Looking Forward to?

With the ongoing rollout of Software Version 18.22, Forerunner 255 users can anticipate a more stable, feature-rich smartwatch experience. The introduction of new features, alongside the commitment to bug fixes, mirrors Garmin’s continuous effort to satisfy the demands and expectations of its fitness-focused community.

For comprehensive details on the update and the complete changelog, users are encouraged to visit Garmin’s official forum post. This update reaffirms Garmin’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, ensuring the Forerunner series remains a leader in sports and fitness technology.

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